SNL SNL! Justin Timberlake is Hilarious!

Justin Timberlake is very funny…The guy has fantastic comedic timing and skillz.  Check out his performance from this weekend’s SNL show:

UPDATE: It seems that NBC keeps on taking down the vid. for copyright purposes.  But here’s a temporary link where you can sneak a peek and laugh at those SNL shenanigans!

Justin Timberlake – Welcome to Plastic Ville



Pharrell you won my heart when it comes to BIG MAC CUTENESS!  You should be the next McDonald’s poster boy…Check  out the French reaction in Gay Paris airport…Hilarious!  Proof that even with money/charm/dance skillz, you can’t get a Big Mac that easily. Luv it!

Hairiest man in China

Wow! That’s quite an astonishing sight…Instead of hiding his condition, China’s hairiest man,Yu Zhenhuan, decided  to rock out throughout China with his band.  That guy does stand proud!  I know that if I were him, I would probably hit all the pharmacies and stores to buy all those Nair wax products for my upkeep.  Hell, I would find a way to buyout NAIR itself.

Black Toilet paper is the new black

A black tie affair!

A black tie affair!

I love the concept of the black toilet paper…Very chic indeed…Goes with everything…


I heart Elmo again!

Nothing beats Elmo and Ricky Gervais together!  Hilarity ensues!

Yet another mop…

In the world of crazy ideas, I thought this deserved a huge giggle….Why not?  The human baby mop is a funny and entertaining idea.You sit and sip on your tea while your baby cleans your floors until he pays all of his dues for making you suffer during childbirth!  Would be great with an army of babies sweeping across my place…The Swiffer mop is going out of business!  Another one for the Christmas wish list…



Girl, what?

Well, again, I found another winner for you to discover.  This portable female urination device is perfect when after you’ve  knocked a few drinks, you really, really, need to relieve yourself and there’s a huge lineup to the bathroom at the bar.  What do you do?  You go TAAAAADA! Whip out the GoGirl and go to the nearest corner behind the bar for a fast tinkle just like the boyz…Something to think about for your next Christmas wish list, ladies!    GoGirl, GoGirl!



Giggles…Evil snickers…

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Since I do not have cable TV (yes, I don’t have cable TV…No need to remind me), I like to peruse through many blogs and try to find that rare gem. Lo and behold, I fell upon this hilarious site about hot girls with guys, who are obviously obsessed with themselves (dress and pose in their all-too douchery glory).  In all honesty, a mirror should be permanently welded into their hands ‘cuz they really do leave the house and miss that BIG spot check! Check out the site, it’s hilarious! Douches…

Here is another funny video to explain the epidemic!  Parents don’t let your kids out like that!

Enough Said



This koala was parched and hurt due to the incredible bushfire ravaging Australia.  A volunteer firefighter found him lost and bewildered in the midst of the chaos.  He ran to it and gave him water.  David Tree is now considered a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) hero for doing such a heroic and compassionate gesture.  Wow! Another tearjerker!

Lean on me, when you're not strong, I'll be your friend and I will help you carry on...

Lean on me, when you're not strong, I'll be your friend and I will help you carry on...

The world has now gone to the dogs!

Big ups for my little STUMP.  The Sussex spanial won the 132nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City on Tuesday night!  The cute-ster is 10 years old in dog years and had retired a week ago from competition, but his handler decided to enter him for one last show.  And Stump won! Wow! A 70 year old, in human years, won the most prestigious title of all dog pageants!  He is the oldest doggie to win!  Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa….

Oh la, la, la, STUMP!

Oh la, la, la, STUMP!

Aliens, UFOs, are we alone?

Alien Handshake

Alien Handshake

There’s an interesting article from the BBC homepage about intelligent civilizations outside of our own galaxy.  It’s a good read if you feel up to it.  Very geeky and future-minded!

Read it here!

Source: BBC

Say what? Insane!

I can hardly get my Algebra right and let alone finish a whole puzzle made out of only 100 pieces in a day.  So how does this guy do it with Rubik’s Cube? He holds the 7.08 seconds World Record at the 2008 Czech Open Pardubice?  Admire Erik Akkersdijk, who credits his girlfriend for his title. So sweet.  Be amazed! Don’t let your eyes off the cube…Mind boggling…

Shout Outs: Rugged Scotsman

I share this with Ani and with many more out there, who swoon over this man.  Please share with others, ladies (even gents).

Exuberant Ewan McGregor

Exuberant Ewan McGregor

I Still Heart TheBale: Terminator 4 Movie

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

After he unleashed the Thunder within, unmercifully, onto a DP on his new movie set, TheBaleTemper, Christian Bale pretty much caused some kind of PR ruckus around the new up-coming movie Terminator4: Salvation.

Damn you Bale!  I can’t quit you!

AnyLossOfBaleSanity, check out the trailer:

Movies, Kick buttin’ Movies: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Tatum Channing

Tatum Channing

G.I  Joe the Movie is coming out and I hate being teased…Girls and guys can drool over Sienna Miller and  Tatum Channing.  The action super heroes are coming out onto the big screen!

Trailer for Fall 2009:

Nooooo, shame (MyIdol) Christian Bale, my vegan friend….


Oh my, my holy ears...TheBale temper is back.  What happened to my  soooo righteous Batman aka Bruce Wayne. I knew that Bale had a temper but this takes the cake.  On the new Terminator: Salvation set, he lost it on a crew member. And wow, the wrath that ensued onto the poor cast member. I would go crying to my mother after that (but that’s besides the point)…That voice most definitely reminds me of American Psycho Patrick Bateman style. I am all for “The Method Acting” but I think that he needs a breather, a sabbatical…I feel bad for him. Something ain’t right in his water. Karma bites…

BTW: if you listen carefully, the “… adadadaaa…” part is kinda funny as hell (but again, that’s besides the point)

Hear it for yourself:

Christian Bale, please tell me it ain’t you….

Bale, you need a BREATHER….I think he needs to play this song to chill out, I know that I do when I am about to lose it.

Igloofest in Montreal

I’m usually not a huge fan of the COLD!!!!!! But I hauled myself out there in Old Montreal at -18C with my buddies for some electro music. Yeah, we are crazy like that in Quebec, Canada. Hot blooded people. And I did not regret it at all.  James Holden and Evil Nine did not disappoint.  I seriously lost half of my glue wine while jumping around like a frozen bean in the mass of music lovers.  It was simply amazing….Despite, the sub-freeze temp., I found the inner zen to enjoy and scream out in delight my fave DJs’ names, like a total groupie without shame…I could not hold it back…I am still on this strange high…

This song killed the night: Justice Phantom Part two (Soulwax remix)
Here’s the Igloofest!

Every President has a hottie on his staff

And no, I am not talking about Lewinsky.  I am devoting this post to Jon Favreau ‘cuz he is without a doubt a very, very good looking man. He is accredited for writing those memorable speeches during and after Obama’s win.  Did I mentioned that he is only a 27 year old and is to serve in President Barack Obama’s White House as Director of Speechwriting?  Yeah, he is the second youngest chief White House speechwriter on record.

FYI: He is of French Canadian descent. Snap! It makes him more exotic, sexy and scrumptious.


The hawtness in the White House

The hawtness in the White House

Sexy Ad

Men, this is why you stop eating meat.  Good enough reason?  Besides, killing furry animals is sad. Don’t dig it.  Veggies for your thoughts.

Obama, need I say more.

Do you know your US presidents?

I admire the man, his charismatic wife, the whole family and even the dog.  The inauguration was profoundly…..well, there are no words to describe it.  Millions people bunked out to get a glimpse of him in DC.  He is most def.  the million dollar man.  So I’ve found this great, chronological site on Obama’s life in pictures.  Watch and learn about the44th American President.  This president is for the books, for years to come.

Learn and admire….


The return of furry videos

I like this one.  It was my first introduction into world of odd animal behavior through the internet.  Well, nothing is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for this ninja cat!  Cue the theme song!

And in strange sites

There’s this site that dumbfounds me.  I keep on scratching my head, wondering how do people get turned on by this fetish called “masking”.  We all have our kinks/kicks but, this one takes it to a whole new level.  Take a tour in the world of Masking!

In Strange Pictures

There’s something really wrong….Can you spot it?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?

Heartin’ this!

Vids vids vids…..

This video is a gem.  I had to ask my dear friend Sabina if I could post this video up without offending her heritage.  Instead, I got the biggest giggles out of her and her blessings.  So I’m gonna share it with you and you can laugh, laugh and dance…or move on….This one’s for you Sab!

Eggnog, Migraines, Hangovers, Slurrrrrrs are almost over for 2008…

Like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland lamenting running late, I am ( unfortunately, yes, as always) well behind my rants and awes for my fun little side experiment.  Don’t ever give up on it for your amusement….So to make up for it,    I’ve concocted together a mini segment of what you might or might not have missed before the end of 2008… Let us begin!

Oscar nod for the Furry Animal!

This video is stellar!  You wonder where he got those acting chops…Must be after years of  scurrying around bin cans and looking over its shoulder…If looks could only kill….Thanks Odie for the video!

Luv them Animals!

Don’t care if it’s not Hipster….

I am gonna tell you one thing; there is nothing better than watching animals  brightening your day; even if you are a cold hearted brute…They have the funniest antics….And they are funny looking too….And best of all, they are furry!

Eat your heart out!

Flip! This kitty should be my new star….

From the little one????? My ears!!!!!!

MyBag and YourBag

There are things that I say YES to and things that I say NAY to! Guess which is which?  How dare they?

* Bet you my dogs would luv to get their paws on one of these, of course to my mother’s horror…. She swears by Channel.

Music on theGo

Music on theGo

Eatin' beef jerky on theGo

Eatin' beef jerky on theGo

Xmas past gift ideas 2008, perhaps?


Sky Mall entices the ever so-gullible passenger (me) creative gifts suggestions, while flying and pondering what useless things would satisfied the bored mind during the in-flight movies. Here are the tops:

I personally like the pet observation dome…That’s how everyone should spy on their neighbors….

  • 1. Double Umbrella
  • 2. Pet Observation Dome

  • 3. 40 ft. Marshmallow Bazooka
  • 4. Animated Hitch Critters
  • 5. The Slanket
  • 6. Flair Hair Visor
  • 7. Wine and Liquor Accelerator
  • 8. Embellished Bible
  • 9. Flying Alarm Clock
  • 10. Truck Antlers
Source: SkyMall

We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Admittedly, I’ve yet to see Tropic Thunder even though I knew that TheCruise has a cameo appearance in it.  I’m a huge fan of the couch  jumping Scientologist even if  he might come off as tad bit neurotic.  All in all, the guy is genuine in the heart.  After hearing about his Golden Globe nomination for his role as Les Grossman and from my dear  Odie, I had to check out this acclaimed role.   It’s most def. worth laughing cuz it’s a far cry from his “serious”  characters.  You can  see for yourself what the obvious buzz is all about: bzzzz bzzz

Dog saves injured Dog

It’s all loads of fun when I write ‘cuz I laugh all by myself, wanting to let you in on the joke.  But when I come upon a video like this one, about a dog saving another one, I can’t help but only be awed and saddened.  I  am sucker for animals.  It’s a tearjerker.

Andy Samberg did it again!

After a grueling 7 hour drive back to my home state of MTL from NYC, I needed a little somethin’, somethin’ to make me laugh before conking out completely in my bed. I see this corny video and know that I will smile tonight in my sleep. Oh yeah, can you spot Timberlake? GNITE!

My smokey HAZE

Old Hits from the Bong

Color me grass

Color me grass

Well, this is indeed a first.  Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest ganja in the Gobi desert of Mongolia.  Hoards of it was discovered buried with a mummie in a 2,700-year-old grave. This potent psychoactive reefer was used for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

Paaaaaaassssss me that Mary Jane!

Yup, she’s back!


Boyz and girlz, she’s back.  With a documentary under her belt, her hair, her moxie, her moves (sorta) and chewing gum smacking, they are all back.  She’s the American comeback.  Welcome back, girl!  Check out Britney’s album below.  It’s not bad minus the dramz…

Britney Spears – Circus


The Human Fish and his Asian Trophy

I was reading about Micheal Phelps and his Asian lady, a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas. Even though he is revered as an Olympian God, many still view the Phelps as being a little awkward and dorky looking.  There’s a random post mocking the Olympic winner for following into the footsteps of every nerd’s dream, by dating the “prerequisite” Asian chick.  Needless to say, some were offended about the issue of Asian girls being seen as “dweeb” trophies.  Honestly, I think the whole matter deserves a few chuckles.  Seriously, there are worse things that could be said.  Meh, I guess that makes me a Geek lover.  I fully embrace that title without shame.  Guarantee! Comes with a functioning brain!  Mum and Dad, you should be proud of me!




It’s a BIGGER step up from this:


What can I say?! Peep it!

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world…

Tonight, my sister’s Sharpei dog and my mini-Schnauzer dog showed concern upon hearing the video.  I mean, it must be some kind of underlying secret dog language.  I ain’t no dog translator but seeing the dogs’ concerned faces, I’m presuming that the dog in the video:

A) wants to be fed, fed, fed…( Happens ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time with my own dogs)

B) wants to pee pee so badly ( happens ALLLLL the time with my own dogs)

C) wants to sleeeeeep….. ( Again, ALLLLLLL the time)

D) wants to save the earth by promoting more ecological ways of picking up its doo-doo ( highly doubt i)

E) Wait! discovered an antidote to dispel/eliminate cats????! (hmmmm,  that’s a close one!)

In a realistic doggie dog world, I would say that the dog is deprived of a) b) c).  I can most def. understand the dog’s predicament.  I would also alert the neighbors with that high octane yap!  Feast your ears!

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

I am at it again…

Look, I am loving these wacky tacky videos. I can’t help it.  It’s an addiction.  So whatevs, I like these.  They’re my vices.  And you are the few lucky ones whom I care to share them with.  Anyvices, this one is a gem.  Kick it with me!

So ahead of us!!!!! North America, hello?

Hearing about the prop 8 passing in California, I am feeling a bit annoyed by the sheer ignorance and shortsightedness of our generation. It discriminates gays of the legal rights to get married. I mean, my family was able to come here to North America. And let me tell you, there was loads of discrimination against all visible minorities before the 70’s. So why such an adversary stance in the year 2000’s?  Really????  I am here to let you know that Nepal has accepted the same sex union.  NEPAL!!!!! This little country between India and Tibet has legalized same sex union.  I think that California is going backwards.  Nepal, you’re the Shizzle!

Ok boyz, this one is for you….girlz, it’s ok not to like them….

After posting so many half naked men (I know that some of you don’t mind), I posted Victoria Secret Model pics…Blah blah blah….here you go….Wait!  What’s more important?!!! Bikini clad bubbled head girls, hockey or football recaps?  Choose!

girlz girlz girlz...

girlz girlz girlz...

I like DeNiro and Elmo together.

Enough said….So sue me…Can’t help it…

It’s Hawt

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins….

How about a trip back to memory lane with our dearest and lovable Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Say hi to your mutha for me…

Since we are still on the same topic with our beloved Mark W. aka serious actor, I had to post an old vid ( to which many of you had already viewed virally through MOI). I really think that it deserves another mention.  It still cracks me up.  Andy Samberg kills it!

Update: The original SNL links of “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” are down.  So here is a clip with Mark responding to the skit in question.  Luv it!

There’s nothing better than….

…seeing the next “Shakira”  bumping and grinding to Brit’s “I Am a Slave 4 U” in his “ever changing poster” room. I mean, hell, homegirl can bust moves way better than us little commoners gathered together! His moves have a dizzying effect on my brain. Whatevs, it’s a good high…Dance, Troy Miller! Dance, I say!

The Hawtness has landed.

So I am going to jump onto the gravy train of fluttering hearts for the new matinee idol du jour: Robert Pattison, from Twilight movie.  Vampire or not, he is the new “it” boy in the teen demographics.  Malls, movie theaters, daytime shows are packed with hormonal teens wanting a piece of this creature.  He looks yummier than any bloody T-Bone.  Bite him!


Obama hysteria has taken up to a whole new level.  It’s now called Nanobamas!  Nanotechnology at its best! Microscopic portraits of the next American President are the size of a needle’s head.  A  professor from the University of Michigan is the brain child behind this amusing challenge.  What next????  I would luv nano”in-laws”! That way, I can lose them very easily if they get on my last nano”nerve”. Nano! Nano!

My name is Jack Bauer

To all of you in need of a “24” fix, Jack is back.  Hell yeah, it’s about time! I was getting weak and dizzy from withdrawal.  Keifer is bringing his sexy mug to the screen in a two-hour TV movie to continue where it left off before the writer’s strike.  Ohhhh baby, let the chase continue…If only, he would chase after little me. Bauer, baby, Jack Bauer!

Cackles, Giggles and Much More…

First Off…

To anyone who knows me personally, I am not really good at keeping this blog updated.  I don’t always have anything interesting to say nor to post.  Probably because, by the time I get around to posting an article, you’ve probably read it already ten times during the day on other blogs.  But do not despair, I will always try and find those rare gems for your eyes only. So let us begin!

How about an afternoon delight, anyone?

Who says that working at an ad agency is not creative?  Two ad agency employees were probably trying to find inspiration for their next ad campaign by having sex at the office. The guy who filmed it, got fired but the two “happy freeskies” kept their jobs. Go figure!  Anylosers, I thought the video was a snoozer, like watching a telecast of the Oscar speeches…But that’s only in my opinion.  It’s all about the branding, baby!

Sh*ts and Giggles

I am going to repost the link of the infamous video of the SNL Beyonce with Timberlake. Kudos to SNL for this skit.  Nothing is sexier than seeing flaming heteros (Andy Samberg and Timberlake)  bustin’ out dance moves with Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce (FYI: Ridiculous moniker). It’s hilarious!

Hittin’ this

I fell in love with this video but even more with this song.  First up,  The video is sick.  I mean damn, these boyz have skillz up to the ying yang.  I can barely slide across the floor without running into the wall.  Second, the song makes me want to kick it a notch and go bust out any moves or at least pretend to in my head. In case you are tempted to find the guys behind this song, “Beggin”, it’s Madcon. They’re two guys from Norway.  Be amazed!

Aww, What’s not to Like

Did anyone see a Beaver?

I had to laugh when I saw this YouTube video.  It’s an ad airing only in Australia and you’ll probably understand why, unless you are an emotionless droid.  In anyvideo, it’s a good start to my afternoon.  Hopefully, it will have the same tickle me effect on you.