Cackles, Giggles and Much More…

First Off…

To anyone who knows me personally, I am not really good at keeping this blog updated.  I don’t always have anything interesting to say nor to post.  Probably because, by the time I get around to posting an article, you’ve probably read it already ten times during the day on other blogs.  But do not despair, I will always try and find those rare gems for your eyes only. So let us begin!

How about an afternoon delight, anyone?

Who says that working at an ad agency is not creative?  Two ad agency employees were probably trying to find inspiration for their next ad campaign by having sex at the office. The guy who filmed it, got fired but the two “happy freeskies” kept their jobs. Go figure!  Anylosers, I thought the video was a snoozer, like watching a telecast of the Oscar speeches…But that’s only in my opinion.  It’s all about the branding, baby!

Sh*ts and Giggles

I am going to repost the link of the infamous video of the SNL Beyonce with Timberlake. Kudos to SNL for this skit.  Nothing is sexier than seeing flaming heteros (Andy Samberg and Timberlake)  bustin’ out dance moves with Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce (FYI: Ridiculous moniker). It’s hilarious!

Hittin’ this

I fell in love with this video but even more with this song.  First up,  The video is sick.  I mean damn, these boyz have skillz up to the ying yang.  I can barely slide across the floor without running into the wall.  Second, the song makes me want to kick it a notch and go bust out any moves or at least pretend to in my head. In case you are tempted to find the guys behind this song, “Beggin”, it’s Madcon. They’re two guys from Norway.  Be amazed!


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