It’s Hawt

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins….

How about a trip back to memory lane with our dearest and lovable Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Say hi to your mutha for me…

Since we are still on the same topic with our beloved Mark W. aka serious actor, I had to post an old vid ( to which many of you had already viewed virally through MOI). I really think that it deserves another mention.  It still cracks me up.  Andy Samberg kills it!

Update: The original SNL links of “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals” are down.  So here is a clip with Mark responding to the skit in question.  Luv it!

There’s nothing better than….

…seeing the next “Shakira”  bumping and grinding to Brit’s “I Am a Slave 4 U” in his “ever changing poster” room. I mean, hell, homegirl can bust moves way better than us little commoners gathered together! His moves have a dizzying effect on my brain. Whatevs, it’s a good high…Dance, Troy Miller! Dance, I say!

The Hawtness has landed.

So I am going to jump onto the gravy train of fluttering hearts for the new matinee idol du jour: Robert Pattison, from Twilight movie.  Vampire or not, he is the new “it” boy in the teen demographics.  Malls, movie theaters, daytime shows are packed with hormonal teens wanting a piece of this creature.  He looks yummier than any bloody T-Bone.  Bite him!


Obama hysteria has taken up to a whole new level.  It’s now called Nanobamas!  Nanotechnology at its best! Microscopic portraits of the next American President are the size of a needle’s head.  A  professor from the University of Michigan is the brain child behind this amusing challenge.  What next????  I would luv nano”in-laws”! That way, I can lose them very easily if they get on my last nano”nerve”. Nano! Nano!

My name is Jack Bauer

To all of you in need of a “24” fix, Jack is back.  Hell yeah, it’s about time! I was getting weak and dizzy from withdrawal.  Keifer is bringing his sexy mug to the screen in a two-hour TV movie to continue where it left off before the writer’s strike.  Ohhhh baby, let the chase continue…If only, he would chase after little me. Bauer, baby, Jack Bauer!


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