We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Admittedly, I’ve yet to see Tropic Thunder even though I knew that TheCruise has a cameo appearance in it.  I’m a huge fan of the couch  jumping Scientologist even if  he might come off as tad bit neurotic.  All in all, the guy is genuine in the heart.  After hearing about his Golden Globe nomination for his role as Les Grossman and from my dear  Odie, I had to check out this acclaimed role.   It’s most def. worth laughing cuz it’s a far cry from his “serious”  characters.  You can  see for yourself what the obvious buzz is all about: bzzzz bzzz


One response to “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

  1. Anijan Gorgeousness

    At first I didn’t know it was Cruise in that role. I was looking for him. It was only when I realized why the guy’s voice sounded so familiar. I was like omigod! It’s him! And he’s hysterical! He totally stole the show. I loved his 1st appearance, in the webmeeting, when he asked the biggest grip to punch the director. And wouldn’t it be devastating to hear Les Grossman tell you that a monkey could do your job? That line was delivered with such certainty, such absoluteness. Now the question is: does Cruise deserve to win over Ledger? I think Ledger might win the globe, if u ask me.

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