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SNL SNL! Justin Timberlake is Hilarious!

Justin Timberlake is very funny…The guy has fantastic comedic timing and skillz.  Check out his performance from this weekend’s SNL show:

UPDATE: It seems that NBC keeps on taking down the vid. for copyright purposes.  But here’s a temporary link where you can sneak a peek and laugh at those SNL shenanigans!

Justin Timberlake – Welcome to Plastic Ville



Pharrell you won my heart when it comes to BIG MAC CUTENESS!  You should be the next McDonald’s poster boy…Check  out the French reaction in Gay Paris airport…Hilarious!  Proof that even with money/charm/dance skillz, you can’t get a Big Mac that easily. Luv it!

I heart Elmo again!

Nothing beats Elmo and Ricky Gervais together!  Hilarity ensues!

Sexy Ad

Men, this is why you stop eating meat.  Good enough reason?  Besides, killing furry animals is sad. Don’t dig it.  Veggies for your thoughts.

The return of furry videos

I like this one.  It was my first introduction into world of odd animal behavior through the internet.  Well, nothing is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for this ninja cat!  Cue the theme song!

Heartin’ this!

Vids vids vids…..

This video is a gem.  I had to ask my dear friend Sabina if I could post this video up without offending her heritage.  Instead, I got the biggest giggles out of her and her blessings.  So I’m gonna share it with you and you can laugh, laugh and dance…or move on….This one’s for you Sab!

We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Admittedly, I’ve yet to see Tropic Thunder even though I knew that TheCruise has a cameo appearance in it.  I’m a huge fan of the couch  jumping Scientologist even if  he might come off as tad bit neurotic.  All in all, the guy is genuine in the heart.  After hearing about his Golden Globe nomination for his role as Les Grossman and from my dear  Odie, I had to check out this acclaimed role.   It’s most def. worth laughing cuz it’s a far cry from his “serious”  characters.  You can  see for yourself what the obvious buzz is all about: bzzzz bzzz