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Yet another mop…

In the world of crazy ideas, I thought this deserved a huge giggle….Why not?  The human baby mop is a funny and entertaining idea.You sit and sip on your tea while your baby cleans your floors until he pays all of his dues for making you suffer during childbirth!  Would be great with an army of babies sweeping across my place…The Swiffer mop is going out of business!  Another one for the Christmas wish list…




Girl, what?

Well, again, I found another winner for you to discover.  This portable female urination device is perfect when after you’ve  knocked a few drinks, you really, really, need to relieve yourself and there’s a huge lineup to the bathroom at the bar.  What do you do?  You go TAAAAADA! Whip out the GoGirl and go to the nearest corner behind the bar for a fast tinkle just like the boyz…Something to think about for your next Christmas wish list, ladies!    GoGirl, GoGirl!



“All sin tends to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation” -W.H Auden

Hypertension Inc.

Heaven forbid that I am addicted to ”24” with our gorgeous Canadian Keifer Sutherland. I am watching season 2 and 6 on DVD.  It’s like crack to me. I cannot seem to hit the damn pause button. My neurons are frazzled/dazzled from the non-stop action. It’s all about saving the world: one heart pounding season at a time.  I mean, seriously, after eleven episodes, where in the hell is this bomb?  Now, I understand all the fanfare surrounding the show after five years in the making.  Yes, I’ve now relinquished my ”24” late bloomer title.  Golf claps!

Oh Jack Bauer, where art thou?

Here’s The Dose:

As I was scavenging for new vids, I fell upon this hilarious video: my First Asian Boy. It’s a parody of American Boy by Estelle. Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik did a spot on job. The Asian innuendos made me cackle. You be the judge of it! Enjoy!

Who wants to Marry a Fruit? (no, no, not that kind)

This piece of old news still deserves a few chuckles. This brings a whole new level to love at first. I mean to each its own, right?  The Pineapple Lover

Instructions Not Included: when it comes to DIY cosmetic surgery

There are all forms of addictions out there.   And hopefully, this one will scare you away faster than you can say ”noplasticsurgeryforme!”.  Dare to enter!

Instructions ARE Included: with DIY gadgets

I am no rocket science, tho I wish on my parents genius genes that I were (ain’t happening).  God only knows how many Prada bags were sacrificed to the Almighty in order to possess Stephen Hawking’s geniosity.  But all is not lost mum and dad! I am still a closeted nerd when it comes to techware. My love of strange gadgets has never waned off.  Thanx to this great DIY site and to Lalya for sending me this link.   GEEK IT!

Whilst still being in the realm of Nerdville, drool over this:

E.T! I can now go home!

E.T! I can now go home!

That’s quite an UPGRADE in gaming.  It’s a fully functional 4 foot SNES for the avid gamer! You can find out more by peeping the source/link below.

Source: SCAD inc.