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Aliens, UFOs, are we alone?

Alien Handshake

Alien Handshake

There’s an interesting article from the BBC homepage about intelligent civilizations outside of our own galaxy.  It’s a good read if you feel up to it.  Very geeky and future-minded!

Read it here!

Source: BBC


Say what? Insane!

I can hardly get my Algebra right and let alone finish a whole puzzle made out of only 100 pieces in a day.  So how does this guy do it with Rubik’s Cube? He holds the 7.08 seconds World Record at the 2008 Czech Open Pardubice?  Admire Erik Akkersdijk, who credits his girlfriend for his title. So sweet.  Be amazed! Don’t let your eyes off the cube…Mind boggling…

I Still Heart TheBale: Terminator 4 Movie

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

After he unleashed the Thunder within, unmercifully, onto a DP on his new movie set, TheBaleTemper, Christian Bale pretty much caused some kind of PR ruckus around the new up-coming movie Terminator4: Salvation.

Damn you Bale!  I can’t quit you!

AnyLossOfBaleSanity, check out the trailer:

Movies, Kick buttin’ Movies: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Tatum Channing

Tatum Channing

G.I  Joe the Movie is coming out and I hate being teased…Girls and guys can drool over Sienna Miller and  Tatum Channing.  The action super heroes are coming out onto the big screen!

Trailer for Fall 2009:

“All sin tends to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation” -W.H Auden

Hypertension Inc.

Heaven forbid that I am addicted to ”24” with our gorgeous Canadian Keifer Sutherland. I am watching season 2 and 6 on DVD.  It’s like crack to me. I cannot seem to hit the damn pause button. My neurons are frazzled/dazzled from the non-stop action. It’s all about saving the world: one heart pounding season at a time.  I mean, seriously, after eleven episodes, where in the hell is this bomb?  Now, I understand all the fanfare surrounding the show after five years in the making.  Yes, I’ve now relinquished my ”24” late bloomer title.  Golf claps!

Oh Jack Bauer, where art thou?

Here’s The Dose:

As I was scavenging for new vids, I fell upon this hilarious video: my First Asian Boy. It’s a parody of American Boy by Estelle. Timothy DeLaGhetto aka Traphik did a spot on job. The Asian innuendos made me cackle. You be the judge of it! Enjoy!

Who wants to Marry a Fruit? (no, no, not that kind)

This piece of old news still deserves a few chuckles. This brings a whole new level to love at first. I mean to each its own, right?  The Pineapple Lover

Instructions Not Included: when it comes to DIY cosmetic surgery

There are all forms of addictions out there.   And hopefully, this one will scare you away faster than you can say ”noplasticsurgeryforme!”.  Dare to enter!

Instructions ARE Included: with DIY gadgets

I am no rocket science, tho I wish on my parents genius genes that I were (ain’t happening).  God only knows how many Prada bags were sacrificed to the Almighty in order to possess Stephen Hawking’s geniosity.  But all is not lost mum and dad! I am still a closeted nerd when it comes to techware. My love of strange gadgets has never waned off.  Thanx to this great DIY site and to Lalya for sending me this link.   GEEK IT!

Whilst still being in the realm of Nerdville, drool over this:

E.T! I can now go home!

E.T! I can now go home!

That’s quite an UPGRADE in gaming.  It’s a fully functional 4 foot SNES for the avid gamer! You can find out more by peeping the source/link below.

Source: SCAD inc.