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Aliens, UFOs, are we alone?

Alien Handshake

Alien Handshake

There’s an interesting article from the BBC homepage about intelligent civilizations outside of our own galaxy.  It’s a good read if you feel up to it.  Very geeky and future-minded!

Read it here!

Source: BBC


Igloofest in Montreal

I’m usually not a huge fan of the COLD!!!!!! But I hauled myself out there in Old Montreal at -18C with my buddies for some electro music. Yeah, we are crazy like that in Quebec, Canada. Hot blooded people. And I did not regret it at all.  James Holden and Evil Nine did not disappoint.  I seriously lost half of my glue wine while jumping around like a frozen bean in the mass of music lovers.  It was simply amazing….Despite, the sub-freeze temp., I found the inner zen to enjoy and scream out in delight my fave DJs’ names, like a total groupie without shame…I could not hold it back…I am still on this strange high…

This song killed the night: Justice Phantom Part two (Soulwax remix)
Here’s the Igloofest!

Sexy Ad

Men, this is why you stop eating meat.  Good enough reason?  Besides, killing furry animals is sad. Don’t dig it.  Veggies for your thoughts.


The Human Fish and his Asian Trophy

I was reading about Micheal Phelps and his Asian lady, a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas. Even though he is revered as an Olympian God, many still view the Phelps as being a little awkward and dorky looking.  There’s a random post mocking the Olympic winner for following into the footsteps of every nerd’s dream, by dating the “prerequisite” Asian chick.  Needless to say, some were offended about the issue of Asian girls being seen as “dweeb” trophies.  Honestly, I think the whole matter deserves a few chuckles.  Seriously, there are worse things that could be said.  Meh, I guess that makes me a Geek lover.  I fully embrace that title without shame.  Guarantee! Comes with a functioning brain!  Mum and Dad, you should be proud of me!




It’s a BIGGER step up from this: