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The world has now gone to the dogs!

Big ups for my little STUMP.  The Sussex spanial won the 132nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City on Tuesday night!  The cute-ster is 10 years old in dog years and had retired a week ago from competition, but his handler decided to enter him for one last show.  And Stump won! Wow! A 70 year old, in human years, won the most prestigious title of all dog pageants!  He is the oldest doggie to win!  Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa….

Oh la, la, la, STUMP!

Oh la, la, la, STUMP!


Shout Outs: Rugged Scotsman

I share this with Ani and with many more out there, who swoon over this man.  Please share with others, ladies (even gents).

Exuberant Ewan McGregor

Exuberant Ewan McGregor

Odie and Garfield

the cutest buddies

the cutest buddies

And in strange sites

There’s this site that dumbfounds me.  I keep on scratching my head, wondering how do people get turned on by this fetish called “masking”.  We all have our kinks/kicks but, this one takes it to a whole new level.  Take a tour in the world of Masking!

What can I say?! Peep it!

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world…

Tonight, my sister’s Sharpei dog and my mini-Schnauzer dog showed concern upon hearing the video.  I mean, it must be some kind of underlying secret dog language.  I ain’t no dog translator but seeing the dogs’ concerned faces, I’m presuming that the dog in the video:

A) wants to be fed, fed, fed…( Happens ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time with my own dogs)

B) wants to pee pee so badly ( happens ALLLLL the time with my own dogs)

C) wants to sleeeeeep….. ( Again, ALLLLLLL the time)

D) wants to save the earth by promoting more ecological ways of picking up its doo-doo ( highly doubt i)

E) Wait! discovered an antidote to dispel/eliminate cats????! (hmmmm,  that’s a close one!)

In a realistic doggie dog world, I would say that the dog is deprived of a) b) c).  I can most def. understand the dog’s predicament.  I would also alert the neighbors with that high octane yap!  Feast your ears!

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

I am at it again…

Look, I am loving these wacky tacky videos. I can’t help it.  It’s an addiction.  So whatevs, I like these.  They’re my vices.  And you are the few lucky ones whom I care to share them with.  Anyvices, this one is a gem.  Kick it with me!

So ahead of us!!!!! North America, hello?

Hearing about the prop 8 passing in California, I am feeling a bit annoyed by the sheer ignorance and shortsightedness of our generation. It discriminates gays of the legal rights to get married. I mean, my family was able to come here to North America. And let me tell you, there was loads of discrimination against all visible minorities before the 70’s. So why such an adversary stance in the year 2000’s?  Really????  I am here to let you know that Nepal has accepted the same sex union.  NEPAL!!!!! This little country between India and Tibet has legalized same sex union.  I think that California is going backwards.  Nepal, you’re the Shizzle!

Ok boyz, this one is for you….girlz, it’s ok not to like them….

After posting so many half naked men (I know that some of you don’t mind), I posted Victoria Secret Model pics…Blah blah blah….here you go….Wait!  What’s more important?!!! Bikini clad bubbled head girls, hockey or football recaps?  Choose!

girlz girlz girlz...

girlz girlz girlz...

I like DeNiro and Elmo together.

Enough said….So sue me…Can’t help it…

I’m Lovin’ it

Bad ”angle” day:

I know that in one of my previous post, I had mentioned that my girl Ani had only Gerald Butler in her heart.  I was lying.  She actually is two-timing him.  Yes, the girl gets around.  Her heart actually flutters for another god and his name is Hugh Jackman.  That manly Aussie with that rugged face, that charismatic smile, that body, that acting career, can also have a bad camera day. Proof that you can’t have it all.

Hugh, baby, it's ok! We still luv you

We still luv you!

Shout outs

Birthday Boy: 11/13/08

Monsieur Gerald Butler is turning 39.  This is eye-candy for my girl Ani.  He is the one and only man in her heart. One day, these two kindred spirits will unite in this world, gallivanting through the unspoiled fields of Scotland, having their ten little “MINI-ME”s in tow.  Ah, such is life.




Brace yourselves kids! Your fave childhood games are coming to life!

Yes, you read right! Courtesy of Ridley Scott (the man behind such movies as Blade Runner, Gladiator and American Gangster) will be at the helm of the Monopoly movie. Ridley Scott, you say?  Yeah, I think that most bloggers, including myself, are all scratching their heads in unison; wondering “why him?”. Maybe he wants to fulfill a childhood fantasy or fix the time he got bullied into handing over all of his Monopoly money to his little sister in charge of the Bank. Who knows?!!!! All I want is my board, my top hat, my colored Benjamins on Park Avenue to come alive.  You know?  Now that’s my own childhood fantasy!


These puppies are Stars in the making.

Okay, so it’s a given that I am a sucker for animals and I can’t help pimping my own dogs when I walk them around town to get the “whouuuuu, ahhhhhhh”, “they are so adorable”.  So this time, I am going to favor the competition for the sake of sharing this cute find.  Here are these little pups putting a 24 hr live feed show for the whole world to stare at: they sleep, cuddle, sleep more, toss, turn and sleep some more on each other.  The days of our puppy lives!