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SNL SNL! Justin Timberlake is Hilarious!

Justin Timberlake is very funny…The guy has fantastic comedic timing and skillz.  Check out his performance from this weekend’s SNL show:

UPDATE: It seems that NBC keeps on taking down the vid. for copyright purposes.  But here’s a temporary link where you can sneak a peek and laugh at those SNL shenanigans!

Justin Timberlake – Welcome to Plastic Ville



Pharrell you won my heart when it comes to BIG MAC CUTENESS!  You should be the next McDonald’s poster boy…Check  out the French reaction in Gay Paris airport…Hilarious!  Proof that even with money/charm/dance skillz, you can’t get a Big Mac that easily. Luv it!

I heart Elmo again!

Nothing beats Elmo and Ricky Gervais together!  Hilarity ensues!

Yet another mop…

In the world of crazy ideas, I thought this deserved a huge giggle….Why not?  The human baby mop is a funny and entertaining idea.You sit and sip on your tea while your baby cleans your floors until he pays all of his dues for making you suffer during childbirth!  Would be great with an army of babies sweeping across my place…The Swiffer mop is going out of business!  Another one for the Christmas wish list…



Girl, what?

Well, again, I found another winner for you to discover.  This portable female urination device is perfect when after you’ve  knocked a few drinks, you really, really, need to relieve yourself and there’s a huge lineup to the bathroom at the bar.  What do you do?  You go TAAAAADA! Whip out the GoGirl and go to the nearest corner behind the bar for a fast tinkle just like the boyz…Something to think about for your next Christmas wish list, ladies!    GoGirl, GoGirl!



Giggles…Evil snickers…

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Since I do not have cable TV (yes, I don’t have cable TV…No need to remind me), I like to peruse through many blogs and try to find that rare gem. Lo and behold, I fell upon this hilarious site about hot girls with guys, who are obviously obsessed with themselves (dress and pose in their all-too douchery glory).  In all honesty, a mirror should be permanently welded into their hands ‘cuz they really do leave the house and miss that BIG spot check! Check out the site, it’s hilarious! Douches…

Here is another funny video to explain the epidemic!  Parents don’t let your kids out like that!

Sexy Ad

Men, this is why you stop eating meat.  Good enough reason?  Besides, killing furry animals is sad. Don’t dig it.  Veggies for your thoughts.