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Hairiest man in China

Wow! That’s quite an astonishing sight…Instead of hiding his condition, China’s hairiest man,Yu Zhenhuan, decided  to rock out throughout China with his band.  That guy does stand proud!  I know that if I were him, I would probably hit all the pharmacies and stores to buy all those Nair wax products for my upkeep.  Hell, I would find a way to buyout NAIR itself.


Girl, what?

Well, again, I found another winner for you to discover.  This portable female urination device is perfect when after you’ve  knocked a few drinks, you really, really, need to relieve yourself and there’s a huge lineup to the bathroom at the bar.  What do you do?  You go TAAAAADA! Whip out the GoGirl and go to the nearest corner behind the bar for a fast tinkle just like the boyz…Something to think about for your next Christmas wish list, ladies!    GoGirl, GoGirl!



Say what? Insane!

I can hardly get my Algebra right and let alone finish a whole puzzle made out of only 100 pieces in a day.  So how does this guy do it with Rubik’s Cube? He holds the 7.08 seconds World Record at the 2008 Czech Open Pardubice?  Admire Erik Akkersdijk, who credits his girlfriend for his title. So sweet.  Be amazed! Don’t let your eyes off the cube…Mind boggling…

I Still Heart TheBale: Terminator 4 Movie

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

Christian Bale Soldier in Terminator 4

After he unleashed the Thunder within, unmercifully, onto a DP on his new movie set, TheBaleTemper, Christian Bale pretty much caused some kind of PR ruckus around the new up-coming movie Terminator4: Salvation.

Damn you Bale!  I can’t quit you!

AnyLossOfBaleSanity, check out the trailer:

And in strange sites

There’s this site that dumbfounds me.  I keep on scratching my head, wondering how do people get turned on by this fetish called “masking”.  We all have our kinks/kicks but, this one takes it to a whole new level.  Take a tour in the world of Masking!