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Hairiest man in China

Wow! That’s quite an astonishing sight…Instead of hiding his condition, China’s hairiest man,Yu Zhenhuan, decided  to rock out throughout China with his band.  That guy does stand proud!  I know that if I were him, I would probably hit all the pharmacies and stores to buy all those Nair wax products for my upkeep.  Hell, I would find a way to buyout NAIR itself.


Yet another mop…

In the world of crazy ideas, I thought this deserved a huge giggle….Why not?  The human baby mop is a funny and entertaining idea.You sit and sip on your tea while your baby cleans your floors until he pays all of his dues for making you suffer during childbirth!  Would be great with an army of babies sweeping across my place…The Swiffer mop is going out of business!  Another one for the Christmas wish list…



Aliens, UFOs, are we alone?

Alien Handshake

Alien Handshake

There’s an interesting article from the BBC homepage about intelligent civilizations outside of our own galaxy.  It’s a good read if you feel up to it.  Very geeky and future-minded!

Read it here!

Source: BBC

And in strange sites

There’s this site that dumbfounds me.  I keep on scratching my head, wondering how do people get turned on by this fetish called “masking”.  We all have our kinks/kicks but, this one takes it to a whole new level.  Take a tour in the world of Masking!

In Strange Pictures

There’s something really wrong….Can you spot it?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?

My smokey HAZE

Old Hits from the Bong

Color me grass

Color me grass

Well, this is indeed a first.  Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest ganja in the Gobi desert of Mongolia.  Hoards of it was discovered buried with a mummie in a 2,700-year-old grave. This potent psychoactive reefer was used for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

Paaaaaaassssss me that Mary Jane!

I Am heartin’ this

Soooo Down with:

Seal makes me swoon! Whatever he is singing in this cover song, I say ”yes! It’s a man’s world!” I don’t care! I just want to start dancing across my bedroom floor whilst croaking to this song. God help my neighbors! Enjoy!

Frown with:

Strangest sad funeral:

This story held my attention.  A woman dies instantaneously whilst heading towards to her husbands’ funeral. But there’s a twist! Read on...