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Giggles…Evil snickers…

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is.......of them all?

Since I do not have cable TV (yes, I don’t have cable TV…No need to remind me), I like to peruse through many blogs and try to find that rare gem. Lo and behold, I fell upon this hilarious site about hot girls with guys, who are obviously obsessed with themselves (dress and pose in their all-too douchery glory).  In all honesty, a mirror should be permanently welded into their hands ‘cuz they really do leave the house and miss that BIG spot check! Check out the site, it’s hilarious! Douches…

Here is another funny video to explain the epidemic!  Parents don’t let your kids out like that!


Nooooo, shame (MyIdol) Christian Bale, my vegan friend….


Oh my, my holy ears...TheBale temper is back.  What happened to my  soooo righteous Batman aka Bruce Wayne. I knew that Bale had a temper but this takes the cake.  On the new Terminator: Salvation set, he lost it on a crew member. And wow, the wrath that ensued onto the poor cast member. I would go crying to my mother after that (but that’s besides the point)…That voice most definitely reminds me of American Psycho Patrick Bateman style. I am all for “The Method Acting” but I think that he needs a breather, a sabbatical…I feel bad for him. Something ain’t right in his water. Karma bites…

BTW: if you listen carefully, the “… adadadaaa…” part is kinda funny as hell (but again, that’s besides the point)

Hear it for yourself:

Christian Bale, please tell me it ain’t you….

Bale, you need a BREATHER….I think he needs to play this song to chill out, I know that I do when I am about to lose it.

In Strange Pictures

There’s something really wrong….Can you spot it?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?

Guns'R'Us? Anyone?