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Igloofest in Montreal

I’m usually not a huge fan of the COLD!!!!!! But I hauled myself out there in Old Montreal at -18C with my buddies for some electro music. Yeah, we are crazy like that in Quebec, Canada. Hot blooded people. And I did not regret it at all.  James Holden and Evil Nine did not disappoint.  I seriously lost half of my glue wine while jumping around like a frozen bean in the mass of music lovers.  It was simply amazing….Despite, the sub-freeze temp., I found the inner zen to enjoy and scream out in delight my fave DJs’ names, like a total groupie without shame…I could not hold it back…I am still on this strange high…

This song killed the night: Justice Phantom Part two (Soulwax remix)
Here’s the Igloofest!