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Nooooo, shame (MyIdol) Christian Bale, my vegan friend….


Oh my, my holy ears...TheBale temper is back.  What happened to my  soooo righteous Batman aka Bruce Wayne. I knew that Bale had a temper but this takes the cake.  On the new Terminator: Salvation set, he lost it on a crew member. And wow, the wrath that ensued onto the poor cast member. I would go crying to my mother after that (but that’s besides the point)…That voice most definitely reminds me of American Psycho Patrick Bateman style. I am all for “The Method Acting” but I think that he needs a breather, a sabbatical…I feel bad for him. Something ain’t right in his water. Karma bites…

BTW: if you listen carefully, the “… adadadaaa…” part is kinda funny as hell (but again, that’s besides the point)

Hear it for yourself:

Christian Bale, please tell me it ain’t you….

Bale, you need a BREATHER….I think he needs to play this song to chill out, I know that I do when I am about to lose it.