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Luv them Animals!

Don’t care if it’s not Hipster….

I am gonna tell you one thing; there is nothing better than watching animals  brightening your day; even if you are a cold hearted brute…They have the funniest antics….And they are funny looking too….And best of all, they are furry!

Eat your heart out!

Flip! This kitty should be my new star….

From the little one????? My ears!!!!!!


We don’t negotiate with terrorists!

Admittedly, I’ve yet to see Tropic Thunder even though I knew that TheCruise has a cameo appearance in it.  I’m a huge fan of the couch  jumping Scientologist even if  he might come off as tad bit neurotic.  All in all, the guy is genuine in the heart.  After hearing about his Golden Globe nomination for his role as Les Grossman and from my dear  Odie, I had to check out this acclaimed role.   It’s most def. worth laughing cuz it’s a far cry from his “serious”  characters.  You can  see for yourself what the obvious buzz is all about: bzzzz bzzz

What can I say?! Peep it!

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world…

Tonight, my sister’s Sharpei dog and my mini-Schnauzer dog showed concern upon hearing the video.  I mean, it must be some kind of underlying secret dog language.  I ain’t no dog translator but seeing the dogs’ concerned faces, I’m presuming that the dog in the video:

A) wants to be fed, fed, fed…( Happens ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time with my own dogs)

B) wants to pee pee so badly ( happens ALLLLL the time with my own dogs)

C) wants to sleeeeeep….. ( Again, ALLLLLLL the time)

D) wants to save the earth by promoting more ecological ways of picking up its doo-doo ( highly doubt i)

E) Wait! discovered an antidote to dispel/eliminate cats????! (hmmmm,  that’s a close one!)

In a realistic doggie dog world, I would say that the dog is deprived of a) b) c).  I can most def. understand the dog’s predicament.  I would also alert the neighbors with that high octane yap!  Feast your ears!

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Yoko the Shar Pei aka the Tormentor

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

Our Chloe aka the Wise one

I am at it again…

Look, I am loving these wacky tacky videos. I can’t help it.  It’s an addiction.  So whatevs, I like these.  They’re my vices.  And you are the few lucky ones whom I care to share them with.  Anyvices, this one is a gem.  Kick it with me!

So ahead of us!!!!! North America, hello?

Hearing about the prop 8 passing in California, I am feeling a bit annoyed by the sheer ignorance and shortsightedness of our generation. It discriminates gays of the legal rights to get married. I mean, my family was able to come here to North America. And let me tell you, there was loads of discrimination against all visible minorities before the 70’s. So why such an adversary stance in the year 2000’s?  Really????  I am here to let you know that Nepal has accepted the same sex union.  NEPAL!!!!! This little country between India and Tibet has legalized same sex union.  I think that California is going backwards.  Nepal, you’re the Shizzle!

Ok boyz, this one is for you….girlz, it’s ok not to like them….

After posting so many half naked men (I know that some of you don’t mind), I posted Victoria Secret Model pics…Blah blah blah….here you go….Wait!  What’s more important?!!! Bikini clad bubbled head girls, hockey or football recaps?  Choose!

girlz girlz girlz...

girlz girlz girlz...

I like DeNiro and Elmo together.

Enough said….So sue me…Can’t help it…

I Am heartin’ this

Soooo Down with:

Seal makes me swoon! Whatever he is singing in this cover song, I say ”yes! It’s a man’s world!” I don’t care! I just want to start dancing across my bedroom floor whilst croaking to this song. God help my neighbors! Enjoy!

Frown with:

Strangest sad funeral:

This story held my attention.  A woman dies instantaneously whilst heading towards to her husbands’ funeral. But there’s a twist! Read on...